It’s Time For Some Bairre Love, PE


Photo: Alex Travers


If you have ever seen Al Bairre perform you will immediately know that either your lungs or your legs will give in first, and you need to make peace with that. Their shows are filled with Nic’s dancing and insane energy from every single band member as they perform. Al Bairre is a combination of Indie Classic Finger Pop magic which gives Kyle Davis, Tom Kotze, Tessa and Julia Johnson, and Nicholas Preen a dynamic and original sound to their music.

Kyle and Nic have been best friends since they children and would spend every Friday night jamming together. At the end of Matric they headed to Plett Rage and at a mutual friends pre-drinks, Nic met Julia. Later when they went out that night Nic mistakenly kissed Tessa thinking it was Julia, “Julz was like ‘I put in so much hard work’ and then kissed him as well,” says Davis. It was after this that they discovered that Julia was extremely talented on the violin and Tessa was equally talented on the cello, seeing the birth of Al Bairre.


Photo: Alex Travers

2016 has been a whirlwind of a year for the band as they headlined at Kirstenbosch Gardens, as well as travelled through Europe where they played more than 10 shows in 3 weeks. Two of which were sold out shows in London. Their recent shows include performing at Areena in East London’s first October Fest, “it’s been cool playing shows in towns that we have not played in yet, but it can be quite nerve racking because you are not sure if people will know or like your music but the people were amazing,” says Davis, “The venue was incredible but the weather made us end earlier as the sound technicians were nervous that with the amount of rain we would electrocute ourselves.”


Photo: Alex Travers

Al Bairre is working on releasing their first full album in 2017, “We have written about half the album and are spending most of our time focused on getting it our early next year,” states Davis. They are heading to Port Elizabeth on the 5th of November 2016 and will be performing at Bridge Street Brewery, “I have heard that PE people can get quite rowdy, but they are the friendly city,” Davis says laughing, “we are excited to meet everyone and please be nice to us.”

They are the coolest, most energetic and bottom jiggling show you will see this year in Port Elizabeth. Don’t miss out.

Tickets available: (R100 gets you in)

Bridge Street Brewery:



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