Catering Myth Blown

_mg_0556Food, oh glorious food. There is nothing in this world that can instantaneously change my mood more than food. It is the refreshing goodness that comes with taking the first bite out of something that has been perfectly crafted by a chef’s magical hands and displayed in a way that makes you lose all self-control.

I had seen Fat Cats Catering at numerous events around the Nelson Mandela Bay area but never had the opportunity to try their food until I attended the Fabulous Women, Brand Me Fabulous event at the GFI Gallery. When I think of catering I immediately tend to think of basic snack food such as cocktail sausages and dried out chicken strips, but what a naïve approach to the growing gourmet industry._mg_0558

Fat Cats pulled out all the stops for the 60 ladies there, a high tea was served with the most delectable scones and quiches making everyone feel a little more sophisticated.

Lunch was the high point for me, as someone who enjoys cooking and coming up with ideas, the cherries wrapped in crispy bacon and the Moroccan chicken skewers with apricots were sensational. Easy to eat and packed with all the flavour you need. I always steer towards food that is fresh and packed with flavour and after trying those two I headed towards where all the ladies were loading their plates. There I found artisan bread that was lightly toasted holding ever so carefully cream cheese with fresh smoked salmon, lightly covered in black pepper and lemon. That is the type of food that when you bite into it you are instantly transported to a fancy beach party, sipping champagne and staring at the ocean.

The presentation of the food complimented the elegance of the Gallery and I would recommend that if you have a function or want to have a High Tea in the comfort of your home, that Fat Cats is the way to go.



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